The yummiest innovation since chocolate was born

and good for our planet

100% Natural, delicious and kind to our planet.

Just how we like it.

Break off a chunk

Nocoa is luxuriously smooth and creamy – a chocolatey experience just like you know and love

Bye Bye CO2

Producing 1 kilo of Nocoa creates 90% less carbon than 1 kilo of chocolate

Local & Natural

Nocoa is made from simple ingredients like oats, which we roast and ferment

No cocoa?No Problem!

We’ve been dreaming about a chocolate for which no trees had to be cut down, no precious water wasted, no fragile ecosystems disturbed, and no child was forced to work. Fixing the cocoa industry is a tall order, to say the least.

How do we do it? Skip the cocoa! What we don’t do away with? Luscious flavor, a smooth mouthfeel, delicious aroma, and that luxurious snap when you break off a big – reallv big – chunk. Naturally fermented just like beer, we use local oats to create 100% cocoa-free Nocoa.

Lowest Carbon Footprint
Good for the Planet
No Child Labour
Locally sourced & made
Way less sugar
All natural